Chaum Global Stem Cell Clinical Trials Center

Global Stem Cell Medi-cluster

We aim to be a global stem cell medi-cluster and worldwide market leader

CHA Health Systems is associated with CHA University in Gyeonggi-do, Seongnam, CHA Research Institute, which will be a part of Pan-gyo Techno Valley, and Bundang CHA Medical Center’s CHAUM Global Stem Cell Clinical Trials Center. Through these connections we wish to create a Global Stem Cell Medi-cluster.

The CHA Research Institute that will be a part of Pan-gyo Techno Valley will be approximately 10248 square meters on land with the usable floor space being about 56201 square meters. It will consist of 7 floors and 4 basement floors. It will feature 2 separate buildings (research facility, offices) and we estimate it will be complete by the first half of 2014.

CHA Health Systems Global Stem Cell Medi-cluster provides superior technology in stem cell treatment at relatively low medical costs for an OECD country. Because of this, we can attract international patients with incurable diseases. This will make a definite economic impact and elevate the city of Seongnam as a stem cell treatment Mecca as well as the main city in Korea for the advancement of the medical industry.