Chaum Global Stem Cell Clinical Trials Center

Stem Cell Research Funding

CHA Health Systems gives new hope to the patients who have incurable diseases through our stem cell research funding.

We will fulfill our love of life together

CHA Health Systems is Korea’s leader in biotechnology. With our “love of life” ideology, we offer the best in medical practice and service. Ultimately, we wish to make contributions in human society. We are also continuously working on new life and curing life as we make history in “challenging and pioneering.”

We wish to give the gift of new life to those suffering from rare incurable diseases and terminal illnesses through stem cells. We also wish to improve public health and extend lives as well.

However, for us to make these dreams come true,
it is impossible to do it by ourselves. We also need the support from like-minded people who can share our philosophy of the love of life.

We hope you can help us to complete our goal by donating to CHA Health Systems stem cell research funding.