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The CHA Stem Cell Institute researches both adult stem cell pipelines as well as embryonic stem cell pipelines in unison with the world’s leading universities and research scholars in order to be the leaders in curing various incurable diseases.


566 Abroad Enhancement of differentiation efficiency of hESCs into vascular lineage cells in hypoxia via a paracrine mechanism.
Shin JM, Kim J, Kim HE, Lee MJ, Lee KI, Yoo EG, Jeon YJ, Kim DW, Chae JI, Chung HM.
Stem Cell Research 2011. 7(3):173-85
565 Abroad Proteomic analysis of pregnancy-related proteins from pig uterus endometrium during pregnancy
Chae JI, Kim J, Lee SG, Jeon YJ, Kim DW, Soh Y, Seo KS, Lee HK, Choi NJ, Ryu J, Kang S, Cho SK,
Proteom Science 2011.9:41
564 Abroad Proteomic analysis of phosphtyrosyl proteins in hESC-derived nerual stem cell
Kim J, Kim JS, Kim HE, Jeon YJ, Kim DW, Soh Y, Seo KS, Lee HK, Choi NJ, Chung HM, Lee DS, Chae JI.
Neuroscience letter 2011. 499(3):158-63
563 Abroad Enhancement of wound healing by secretory factor of endothelial precursor cells derived from hESCs
Lee MJ, Kim J, Lee KI, Shin JM, Chae JI, Chung HM.
Cytotherapy 2011. 13(2):165-78
562 Abroad Gene expression profiles in CHA3 and CHA4 human embryonic stem cells and embryonic bodies
Moon SH, Kim SW, Kim JS, Park SJ, Do JT, Lee DR, Chung HM.
Mol Cells 2011.31(4):315-26
561 Abroad Effect of chromosome instability on the maintenance and differentiation of hESCs in vitro and in vivo
Moon SH, Kim JS, Park SJ, Lim JJ, Lee HJ, Lee SM, Chung HM.
Stem Cell Research 2011.6(1):50-9
560 Abroad A system for treating ischemic disease using hESC-derived endothelial cells without direct incorporation
Moon SH, Kim JS, Park SJ, Lee HJ, Do JT, Chung HM.
Biomaterials 2011.32(27):6445-55
559 Abroad Assessment of Differentiation Aspects by the Morphological classification of embryoid bodies derived from hESCs
Kim JM, Moon SH, Lee SG, Cho YJ, Hong KS, Lee JH, Lee HJ, Chung HM.
Stem Cell and Development, in press
558 Abroad Differentiation of hESCs into mesodermal subtypes: vascular-, hematopoietic- and mesenchymal-lineage cells
Sung-Hwan Moon, Jung Mo Kim, Ki-Sung Hong, Jeong Min Shin, Jumi Kim, Hyung-Min Chung
In't journal of stem cell 2011.4(1):24-34
557 Abroad Maintenance of human pluripotent stem cells using 4SP-hFGF2-secreting STO cells
Lee WY, Kim J, Gil CH, Lee JH, Song H, Kim JH, Chung HM.
Stem Cell Research 2011.7(3):210-8