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Scientists at Chaum have years of experience in stem cell research and cell cryopreservation. Utilizing their expertise, Chaum offers a premium and personalized stem cell banking program called Bio Insurance.

The importance of storing your stem cells

Commercialization of
stem-cell medicine
The studies of curing the diseases that were once thought to be incurable have been seeing progress; and since the experts foresee that the stem cell therapeutic will be commercialized in few years to contribute to the extension of life, it is a good idea to store your stem cell today.
Immunorejection Each human body has its own histocompatible leukocyte antigen, so when a person receives a transplant from another person's stem cell and it's not histocompatible, the person given the transplant will reject the transplant, possibly producing bad side effects.
There are no possibilities of immunorejection or side effects if the person is transplanted with his or her own stem cells.
The stem cell
As a person ages, the number of stem cells as well as its propagation and its activeness will gradually decrease.
The stem cell activity will diminish as a person develops a chronic illness such as cancer, diabetes, and arthritis; therefore it is better to have your stem cells stored when you're healthy.
The importance of
stem cell storage
Unlike embryonic stem cells, adult stem cells have already gone through numerous cycles of cell division, which means the stem cell will have a different application for different diseases depending on its state.
Bio Insurance is
a lifetime collateral
for your health
You never know when you will develop a disease, therefore it is always important to have cautions and have healthy living habits; but it's also important to store your stem cell as security for your future.