Chaum Global Stem Cell Clinical Trials Center

CHA Stem Cell Institute

The CHA Stem Cell Institute researches both adult stem cell pipelines as well as embryonic stem cell pipelines in unison with the world’s leading universities and research scholars in order to be the leaders in curing various incurable diseases.


14 Therapeutic method for wound-healing using human embryonic stem cell derived vascular angiogenic progenitor cells(hESC-VAPCs)(10-1045492)
13 A process for the differentiation of vascular endothelial progenitor cells from embryoid bodies derived from embryonic stem cells using hypoxic media condition(10-0986149)
12 Cell delivery system for the cell therapy comprising cells derived from embryonic stem cels(10-0984376)
11 Mothdos and kits for screening activities of transaminases by using cell-free protein synthesis(10-0966655)
10 Process for the high-purity isolation of mesenchymal stem cells derived placental chorionic plate membrane(10-0900309)
9 Markers or primers for detecting differentiation or undifferentiation of human embryonic stem cells derived from genes conding deubiquitinating enzymes and methods for detecting using the same(10-0794694)
8 A method for culturing human embroynic stem cells(10-0744445)
7 A process for isolating vascular endothelial cells from embryoid bodies differentiated from embryonic stem cells(10-0744400)
6 Pharmaceutical composition for rheumatoid arthritis treatment including semi-mature dendritic cell (10-0887560)
5 Freezing and thawing methods for vitrification of germ cells and fertilized eggs (10-2001-002533)

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